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CH Jughandle Miss Poppyseed

 "Poppy" is a strongly opinionated girl, with a wily sense of humor, who is quick on her feet.  In fact, we often refer to her as our very own "Pop Star"!  Although she does not like the show ring, she has done some impressive winning, to include WB/BOS for 5 points at Harrisburg.  Poppy finished with all of her majors earned from the Puppy and Bred-By-Exhibitor classes.  Poppy is always handled by a member of her family. 
Poppy, pictured above , does NOT like dog show photographers.  If you think about it - who can blame her?  The photographers shuffle around near eye level, with something big in their hands AND they throw stuff!
Poppy subscribes to the Anatolian attitude of;  I know what you want me to do and I'll do whatever you want......as soon as I think it's a good idea!